Salt Specialist Travel Insurance

Just as salt has been used for centuries to preserve and season, Salt Insurance Services Limited will be there to add value when it really matters.

As a specialist insurance broker we provide emergency medical and travel insurance specifically designed for charity/aid workers, missionaries, volunteers, church groups and individuals who travel abroad, whether on a short or long-term trip.

We are committed to offering a good quality value for money policy because we understand your needs and goals. Our team has more than 30 years of experience providing travel insurance in specialist fields and, together with our underwriters, understands the unique risks and requirements of the sector.

If we can look after missionaries in some of the toughest destinations in the world, then you can be confident we can look after you, too.

UK Residents

All our products offer cover on a single trip, multi trip or annual basis, providing cover should you incur a medical emergency, personal property loss or disruption  – no matter how challenging the destination.

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Expats, Non-UK Residents & Travellers

Salt Insurance has teamed up with IMG Europe, a carrier that offers private medical insurance. Together we offer an extensive range of international and expatriate health and medical insurance to individuals and groups virtually anywhere in the world.

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What our customers say:

Salt insurance has been, and is, a real blessing to our people.

I can’t speak highly enough of the support I received during a very difficult period.

I would like to thank Salt Insurance for being so helpful.

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