UK Residents

Providing Insurance for UK charity/aid workers, missionaries, volunteers who are planning to travel overseas.

UK charity/aid workers, missionaries, volunteers travel insurance

Single Trip Travel – for a single trip between 5 – 270 days
Annual Multi Trip Travel – for trips with up to 60 or 90 days travel any one trip
Long Stay Travel – for single trips up to 365 days

Holiday Travel available to residents of the UK

Single Trip Travel – for single trip between 5 – 180 days
Annual Multi Trip Travel – for trips up to 60 days any one trip (reduced to 31 days if 65 years and above)

Due to the specific needs of our clients and the good work carried out, the travel products offered by Salt Insurance are specifically designed to provide the necessary medical benefits, emergency medical repatriation coverage and 24-hour worldwide assistance for charity/aid workers, missionaries and volunteers overseas.

All our products offer cover on a single trip, multi trip or annual basis, providing suitable cover should you incur a medical emergency, personal property loss or disruption costs.

  • Medical and Emergency Repatriation expenses cover up to GPB5,000,000
  • Manual labour covered providing this on a voluntary basis
  • Home Country Extension
  • Personal Accident
  • Cancellation and curtailment cover
  • Personal Property and Business equipment cover
  • Online Medical Screening
  • 24 hour Emergency assistance company
  • War/Terrorism excluded should you travel to any of the countries listed below

If visiting any of the above listed countries and war/terrorism cover is required, for further consideration, please click here and fill in our war cover questionnaire >

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Salt Single trip Travel Insurance

(up to 75 years)

Mission Trips to include manual labour / business, areas of high risk included.

Single trip with set start and end date, from 5 to 270 days

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Salt Long Term Extended Stay

(up to 75 years)

Mission Trip Long Term from 270 days +

Renewable from overseas (subject to a satisfactory renewal questionnaire)

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Salt Annual Multi Trip Travel

(up to 70 years)

Mission Trip / Holiday / Business

• Maximum any one trip limit – 60 or 90 days

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Limits and Excesses
Policy Features

Note: These documents are only specific to our standard products only,  NOT  Annual Multi / Single Trip Travel – Holidays. For information on exclusions and excesses for holiday travel cover, please contact us