Q1. What type of policy do I need?

There are three products available; all have the same standard level of cover, but each has a specific period.

Single Trip (Short Term up to 270 days)

  • Valid for the period of a specific trip only (usually of less than nine months duration)
  • Provides cover for a single trip outside your home country and becomes invalid once you return to your home country.

Single Trip (Extended Stay up to 365 days)

  • Valid for a 12-month period
  • Provides continuous cover whilst travelling outside your home country within that period.
  • Remains valid if you return to your home country and then travel back overseas during the policy period.

Annual Multi Trip Policy

  • Valid for a 12-month period
  • Provides cover for an unlimited number of trips outside your home country within that period (subject to the maximum trip duration).
  • Maximum duration any one trip, either 60 or 90 days available.

Q2. Will my Single Trip (Extended Stay) policy remain valid if I return to my home country and then travel back overseas during the period of insurance?

Yes, the Single Trip (Extended Stay) product is valid for the geographical area (Europe only or Worldwide) shown on your certificate and for the entire period of insurance, so you can return home and then travel back to your overseas location. Please note, the policy does not operate whilst you are in your home country other than providing limited medical expenses cover where there is no NHS (National Health Service) or equivalent available.

Q3. Am I covered if the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) advise against travel to a particular area/country?

Yes, however, if you are travelling to any of the following countries you will not be covered for claims directly relating to war and terrorism:
• Afghanistan
• Chad
• Chechnya
• Democratic Republic of Congo
• Iraq
• Israel (West Bank & Gaza Strip)
• Ivory Coast
• Libya
• Nigeria
• Somalia
• Sudan
• South Sudan
• Syria
• Yemen

All non-war/terrorism related claims will still be covered under the policy and you may be able to pay an additional premium to include war/terrorism cover, please contact Salt for a quotation.

Q4. I have pre-existing medical condition(s) am I covered by the Salt policy?

(i) all pre-existing medical conditions for any on-going or recurring medical condition or set of symptoms for which you are receiving medical treatment, advice or consultation or prescribed regular medication or are awaiting surgery, tests, investigations or test results at the time of effecting this Policy are excluded as standard unless declared to and accepted using our online medical screening tool.

Once your condition(s) have been screened our online medical screening tool will automatically confirm whether the condition can be covered and if so, on what basis and how much it will cost to do so. All declared and accepted conditions WILL be noted and recorded on your certificate of Insurance.

If you do not medically screen your pre-existing condition, any expenses arising from your pre-existing medical condition(s) will not be covered by this Insurance.

Q5. Can Salt insure non-UK nationals?

We may be able to insure non-UK nationals in some circumstances, please contact Salt for a quotation. Unfortunately, non-UK nationals are unable to purchase insurance via our website.

Q6. Can I renew my Single Trip (Extended Stay) policy whilst I am overseas?

Yes, please contact Salt to request an email renewal form.

Q7. Can I increase the level of cover under various sections of the Salt policy?

Salt will try to accommodate requests for changes in the level of cover. The standard benefits are intended to provide value for money and comprehensive insurance.  But if you require higher benefit levels, let us know and we will try and accommodate your request

Q8. I am going on a trip involving manual labour and may be climbing ladders etc, am I covered if I have an accident?

Yes, provided the work is being undertaken on a voluntary basis and not for financial reward, the Salt policy does not restrict cover in respect of such trips. We would expect all work to be carried out in accordance with the laws as set out by the UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

Q9. Who am I insured by?

Our products are underwritten by Arch Insurance (UK) Limited.

Q10. What is an excess?

Under most sections of the insurance, claims will be subject to an excess. This means that you will be responsible for paying part of your claim. The amount you have to pay is the excess and this will be deducted per person under each section to which an excess applies.

Q11. What is the European Health Insurance card (EHIC)?

If you are travelling within the European Union you are strongly advised to obtain a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) before you leave. This will entitle you to benefit from the reciprocal health arrangements which exist between European Union countries. In the event of us accepting liability for a medical expense claim which has been reduced by the use of an EHIC, we will not apply an excess to the claim. Please check on the validity of the EHIC should the UK leave the EU. As we understand this will continue to operate until 31 December after such time EHIC will no longer be valid. We will be looking at this in the coming months and update accordingly.

Q12. Can I cancel my travel insurance?

You will for a period of fourteen (14) days from the date you receive your documentation, have a right to cancel this Policy and receive a full refund of the premium paid provided you have not undertaken a Covered Trip or made a claim against this Policy. To exercise Your right to cancel You must contact Salt Insurance Services Limited.

Q 13. Will the Salt policy cover me when taking part in sports and recreational activities?

The Salt policy provides automatic cover for the following activities provided you are not participating in competitions and/or sports tours: archery, angling, athletics, badminton, banana boating, baseball, basketball, body boarding, bowls, camping, cricket, croquet, cycling (excluding touring and racing), football, golf, gymnastics, handball, hill walking (not involving ropes/guides), hiking, jet skiing (excluding liability), jogging, marathon running, motor cycling (up to 200cc), mountain biking (excluding stunts/racing), orienteering, netball, parascending (over water only), pony trekking, kayaking, canoeing or white water rafting up to grade 3 (inland waters only and provided under the control of an officially licensed outdoor pursuits organisation), rambling, racquetball, roller skating, rounders, rowing (inland waters only), safari (provided an organised excursion with a tour operator), scuba diving to a depth of 30 metres (provided the Insured Person holds a recognised diving qualification and is accompanied by a fellow certificated diver), shooting (excluding hunting), snorkelling/skin diving, skate boarding, softball, squash, surfing, swimming, table tennis, ten pin bowling, tennis, trekking (maximum altitude 3,000m), trampolining, volleyball, water polo, water skiing (excluding jumping), yachting, boating or windsurfing in inland or coastal waters (12 mile limit and excluding liability).

Cover may be extended to include certain other activities subject to payment of an additional premium. This extension is only available if agreed in advance by Salt, please contact Salt for a quotation.